The Cry Of A Lost Soul

TOPIC: The Cry Of A Lost Soul


Text: Acts 16:9-16

Preacher: Pastor Mfon Ambrose


There is always a cry in the heart of a lost soul!


  1. What Does A Lost Soul Cry About?


  • To return home to his maker.
  • He cries to God to send help that will get him out of sinful condition.
  • Acts 16:9
  • They cry for freedom from a lifestyle that enslaves them to it.
  • There is a cry in a lost soul for an end to a life of uncontrollable wastefulness.
  • For a life that their people will be proud of and free from shame to self and people.
  • A lost soul longs to hear the truth and cries out for a true preacher of the truth.
  • Rom. 10:13-17

How Do We Heed The Cry Of The Lost Soul ?


1.Get save and be determined to stay saved to be able to help save others.


2.Understand God’s plan and mood of salvation of the lost.


3.Always prayerfully gain vision or direction to God’s plan on who, where, when and how to go save a soul per time.

Acts 16:9


4.Move immediately you sense a nudge or voice in your heart to talk to anyone about Christ or to go anywhere and evangelised.

Acts 16:10


  • Do your best to operate higher than tradition and societal norms that may frustrate your leading to a crying soul for help.


  • Maintain the simple preaching and practice of the New testament on salvation.

Acts 16:14



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