The Enemy’s Latest Deception

TOPIC: The Enemy’s Latest Deception

TEXT: Gal 1:6-12, II Tim 2:16-19

FROM: Pastor Mfon Ambrose

  • These are the new and latest ways the enemy is attacking the truth of the second coming of Jesus.
  • It is not really new, but they are new ways of twisting and presenting afresh the same old heresies.

Things To Note About False Endtime Teaching on The Coming of Christ.

  1.  They are not really new.

They are only repackaged.

* It has always been there.

2.  Every wrong teaching delibrately done about the second coming of Christ is aimed at making men miss etermity with God.

3.  Like every false gospel, the aim is to attack and overthrone faith on the truth.

4.  It is also to make people live the way they like by losing sight of the coming judgment and reward.

5.  Every fanciful false teaching aims at making the truth seems outdated, not in vogue and irrelevance.

6. It is attempt to escape mockery of the world and seem correect and in line with reality. II Pt 3:3-4


Some Latest Deception About The Coming of Christ


  1. God did not intend us to be raptured to heaven but to take dominion and rule here on earth.

2.  They say we are already seated in the heavenly places.

Eph. 2:6, 1:3

  • Compare heavenly places in Eph 6:12

3. The dominion God asked us to take is the place of spiritual authority and being in-charge.

Note this:

  1. a) The heaven and earth that now exist will be destroyed.

So, it can’t be eternal home.

b) No matter how long it takes, God will still do what He promised.

Taking time doesn’t mean He has changed His mind.

c) The fact that it is taking time is a sign of God’s mercy.

That none should perish but bcome to repentance.

2. There will be no rapture.

3. The word rapture is not even in the bible.

4. They say the Lord is “coming in the cloud”… means ‘the Lord is coming in perfection. Matt 24:30


Note this:

  1. a) The sign will appear in heaven.
  2. b) All tribe on earth will mourn.

…toourn is to lament and regret.

  1. c) Coming with power and glory talk about taking charge and reigning in complete control. I Thess. 4:16-18

Any preaching that does not emphasis eternal life and going to be with the Lord has failed to be a comfort God asked us to preach. (v. 18)


  • Christ had come and gone already.
  • Resurrection is past.
  • This is anchored on the notion that Christ was dead bin flesh but raised in the spirit. So, He can’t come physically but spiritually. I Pt 3:18



  1. a) The Bible says He was raised but the spirit.. noy in the spirit or raised as a spirit.

God is emphasising the power that raised Him from death, and not bChrist’s nature of ressurrection.

John 4:24

  • b) God clearly says that Jesus will return bodily as He went bodily.

Acts 1:9-11

  • They make people to walk in lust by scoffing the power of the Word of God to be true, faithful andchange life.

II Pt. 3:3-4

II Cor. 7:1



Pastor Mfon Ambrose invites you to be present as the FRESH WORD drops from God on Sunday by 8:00AM and on Wednessday 5:30PM



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