The Enemy’s Latest Deception

TOPIC: The Enemy's Latest Deception TEXT: Gal 1:6-12, II Tim 2:16-19 FROM: Pastor Mfon Ambrose These are the new and latest ways the enemy is attacking the truth of the second coming of Jesus. It is not really new, but they are new ways of twisting and presenting afresh the same old heresies. Things To … Continue reading  The Enemy’s Latest Deception


The Cry Of A Lost Soul

TOPIC: The Cry Of A Lost Soul   Text: Acts 16:9-16 Preacher: Pastor Mfon Ambrose   There is always a cry in the heart of a lost soul!   What Does A Lost Soul Cry About?   To return home to his maker. He cries to God to send help that will get him out … Continue reading The Cry Of A Lost Soul

My Appointment With Death and Calamity is Cancelled

TOPIC: APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH AND CALAMITY IS CANCELLED TEXT: ESTHER 5:11-14, DANIEL 6:1-6 PREACHER: PASTOR MFOM AMBROSE (SENIOR PASTOR: PREVAILING DESTINY LIFE, UYO.) THINGS TO NOTE ABOUT DEATH AND CALAMITY 1. It is not all death and calamity that befall people that just happen Death and calamity are the ways the enemy uses to kill, … Continue reading My Appointment With Death and Calamity is Cancelled