What Makes Piano Worship Chords Special? Piano worship chords aren't very much different from the chords found in other types of music - pop, jazz, country, etc. - but they do have a certain sound to them that's a bit difficult to explain. So, instead of talking too much about it, we're going to look … Continue reading MULTIPLE WAYS OF PLAYING WORSHIP IN PIANO

 The Enemy’s Latest Deception

TOPIC: The Enemy's Latest Deception TEXT: Gal 1:6-12, II Tim 2:16-19 FROM: Pastor Mfon Ambrose These are the new and latest ways the enemy is attacking the truth of the second coming of Jesus. It is not really new, but they are new ways of twisting and presenting afresh the same old heresies. Things To … Continue reading  The Enemy’s Latest Deception

My Appointment With Death and Calamity is Cancelled

TOPIC: APPOINTMENT WITH DEATH AND CALAMITY IS CANCELLED TEXT: ESTHER 5:11-14, DANIEL 6:1-6 PREACHER: PASTOR MFOM AMBROSE (SENIOR PASTOR: PREVAILING DESTINY LIFE, UYO.) THINGS TO NOTE ABOUT DEATH AND CALAMITY 1. It is not all death and calamity that befall people that just happen Death and calamity are the ways the enemy uses to kill, … Continue reading My Appointment With Death and Calamity is Cancelled

7 Habits That Can Make You A Better Drummer

alright people today we are going to be discussing 7 Habits that can make you a better Drummer Are you a drummer?...Has your drumming Spirit gone down or Are you facing some challenges that seems to make you regret why you went into drumming?.....this post is just for you Photo of Dave Grohl by Craig … Continue reading 7 Habits That Can Make You A Better Drummer

I Just Love Singing

Singing in one form or another is an essential feature of musical development and behaviour. In each age phase (infancy, early childhood, older childhood, adolescence), the human voice has a distinctive underlying anatomy and physiology that is capable of producing a diversity of 'singing' behaviours. At any age, development can be supported or hindered by … Continue reading I Just Love Singing

Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme 2019

P-YES form – The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) recruitment registration form is on. The scheme is designed as an incubation Programme whereby youth will be directly empowered with Seed Empowerment Tools (SET) with the aim of creating multiple layers of empowerment. See how to apply below and be among the 774,000 to be employed. … Continue reading Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme 2019